FRESH: ‘Icon’ – Joshua

Singer Joshua debuts with “Icon”!

by Christopher Smith

London based artist Joshua has released his debut single and video for “Icon”. The song touches upon how we all need to celebrate ourselves and carry ourselves like icons because even the most famous and celebrated people in the world are judged and criticised.

Joshua (Gregory) is an independent singer and songwriter who describes his music as ‘out there’ and ‘unpredictable’ with the overall message staying inclusive to all. The mix between sad lyrics and up beat music shows Joshua’s idea of making the best out of a bad situation.

He says sometimes his music touches upon sensitive issues in order to convey his idea of the world around him and to make others listening see a different kind of view, he also states some of his music is there to not take too seriously and for you to just simply escape in.

Joshua is unapologetically unorthodox and claims he can never be put in a box as he’s not ‘a basic bitch’. Joshua is a pop music junkie here to satisfy your guilty pleasures and darkest fantasies and make every outcast feel they are not alone!

For more about Joshua, check out his official FACEBOOK page

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