Rikke Normann

FRESH: ‘It’s Complicated’ – Rikke Normann

Norwegian singer Rikke Normann releases a new collection of “It’s Complicated”.

by Christopher Smith

She’s a modern singer-songwriter with a soulful voice and solid pop-backbone. Wearing her heart on her sleeve, Rikke Normann shows vulnerability, uniqueness and has a strong need to speak up through her music. Like Rikke puts it; “sometimes it’s easier to talk about things through songs”.

“A Complicated Collection” is a set of 3 versions of Rikke’s much loved contemporary RnB single “It’s Complicated”. A song about second guessing your choices and trying to hear your own voice and opinions through the noise from everyone else. “It’s complicated knowing how to live your life, knowing how to make out what’s right” The EP starts out with the studio version, also featured on Rikke’s latest album “35” and ends with two quite different live recordings of the song. And when we say live, we mean live!

What separates Rikke from many other artists today is a raw, unpolished, then-and-there feeling. When you listen to her music, hear her sing, or see her live, it’s all real. No tracks, no tuning, no bullshit – just great songs by a fierce singer, guaranteed to move you in more than one way. There’s a genuine vulnerability in Rikke’s voice which is rare in music today, and together with strong melodies and personal lyrics, this is what makes up Norway’s best kept musical secret!

It all aligns when you see her on stage where she truly belongs. Believing a great song needs no wrapping, her genuine mentality towards songwriting is reflected in her live set, making it very flexible and elastic. Rikke can perform her songs solo on piano, as they were written, with keyboards and a drum machine, or even a full band. Either way, she’s guaranteed to give you goosebumps and blow you away with beautiful songs and a unique voice and personality.

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