What About Sylvia

FRESH: ‘Citrus’ – What About Sylvia

Californian duo What About Sylvia release their second single “Citrus”.

by Christopher Smith

Haunts and dreams have seamlessly intertwined creating a new breed of sound that has taken form in What About Sylvia. An intersection of aggressive energy and luscious sounds, this Southern California-based duo features vocalist/writer, Krista Blairand multi-instrumentalist Jonny Och.

The debut “Girls in Yellow” gives listeners an easily-addicting listen, followed closely by “Citrus”, which offers crowds the same put-on-repeat listen but with a notably different beat energy. The aggressive sounds to build up your energy and lyrics to propel you into strange sadness.

The girls say “We wrote these lyrics before learning pizza isn’t a citrus fruit but the idea still stands. sounds that make you feel alive but lyrics that might leave you dead inside”! Enjoy!

For more about What About Sylvia, check out their official FACEBOOK page

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