FRESH: ‘Love Again’ – Joanna Alina

Australian singer Joanna Alina releases “Love Again”!

by Christopher Smith

Joanna Alina, an independent country pop singer songwriter, is excited to release her fourth single “Love Again”. This tender and essentially positive single the guiding light to renewed joy.

“Love Again” explores the journey of someone falling in love after deciding to close themselves off to the idea of love. Jo wrote the song about her friend who had been hurt by a previous partner’s addiction to alcohol but eventually learnt to trust and fell in love again. The song explores vulnerability, loss, trust and ultimately taking a leap of faith.

Joanna tells us “It’s the feeling of being completely terrified of being let down by love but embracing the happy and euphoric feeling of falling in love and being understood in the moment by another human being”.

Recorded in a studio in Northcote, Melbourne, Joanna Alina loved the creative process in which the song came together and was heavily involved in its production and wrote the song entirely on her own. “Love Again” throws back to the sixties with subtle sounds of doo-wop and rhythm and blues, swinging gently with an affectionate, emotive power.

Jo has recently performed in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and with the release of “Love Again” is now working on the release of her upcoming EP set to be released in the middle of this year.

For more about Joanna, check out her official FACEBOOK page

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