FRESH: ‘Into Eden’ EP – Samuel

Samuel is back with his brand new EP “Into Eden”!

“Into Eden” is the second EP from Brighton based electronic pop artist Samuel, a good friend of, who we have featured before – check out his other releases here.

Documenting his life through love, lust and hedonism “Into Eden” explores the multi layers of human relationships while still providing bops to sing along too and enjoy. At the forefront of the LGBTQ music scene Samuel is paving the way for a new age of performers who are embracing their sexuality and channeling it in their work.

“Into Eden” offers an eclectic mix of tracks from the stomping drum beats and synthooks of “Sweet Addiction” to the more reflective and still “Sad face” to the flamboyant and exotic “Versatile” which could well be an anthem for those who enjoy experimenting in the sheets. And then there’s “Strangers”, the final track that could easily be the standout of the EP…?(!) It’s addictive and hypnotic and will have you moving and grooving all night!

We sat down for a little chat with Samuel about the EP and this is what he told us: “Strangers” was the first track I wrote for the record. I started writing it shortly after I moved to Brighton last year. I found myself engulfed in this beautiful city were there were so many things to see and do, so many bars and clubs I wanted to go to and explore. The song represents all of those emotions “strangers coming together”. Moving here has opened a lot of doors for me, I feel open to amazing new experiences”.

“I recorded the rest of the songs over the next eight months and loved being able to look at my window as I was working on the tracks and see everything going on around me. I wrote all four tracks and produced 3. For the production on “Strangers” I teamed up with Parnixx who is a brilliant Brighton based Producer/DJ. I gave him the bass line and vocals and he produced the song. Matt Knight engineered “Sad Face” and Dan Mucci shot all the campaign photos which I love”.

“Now that the EP is out I’m so excited to share the video for the first single “Sweet Addiction” which is coming out very soon and I’m also very excited to start performing the songs live. I’ll be doing shows in London and Brighton which will all be confirmed soon, so I’m excited for that”.

As an artist who embraces the visual aspect to music, Samuel is a singer/songwriter at heart and has written all 4 tracks and produced 3 of them. Come with Samuel as you go “Into Eden”, the gateway to exploring your desires and impulses without shame or judgment! This is going to be his year!

Photos by @spacedannn

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