“Give a little love – and love last forever”

When it comes to dramatic, lively and fun Europop, there was no greater example of this than the London Boys.

Formed in Germany, they were an English dance pop combo composed of Edem Ephraim (born in 1959 in London) and Dennis Fuller (born 1959 in Jamaica).

The duo were a high energy act – with heavy influences from soul and dance music –  who are probably known for their two biggest hits which were “Requiem” and “London Nights”. Both these songs made the top 5 in the UK singles chart in 1989.

Living in Hamburg, Germany from 1981, the pair had actually met way before this – they were both at school in Greenwich and they experimented with music before forming officially in 1986 as a vehicle for songwriter and record producer Ralf-René Maué. They signed with the Teldec record label and their musical style was a mix of soul and dance music. Also known as as “Eurobeat” pop.

Along with their dramatic vocal stylings, the duo were also known for their energetic performances, often appearing on TV doing back flips or spinning on their heads – which is a result of their experience as rollerblade dancers in a previous incarnation (as a roller skating disco act!).

“Requiem” became their breakthrough single reaching No. 4 and they then re-released “London Nights” (the single didn’t chart on first release) and the album The Twelve Commandments of Dance. Both of these both peaked at No. 2 in the UK singles and album charts respectively.

On a roll, they then decided to release a track called “Harlem Desire” as a single and this reached no. 17.

Follow up singles followed but they never achieved the same success as their previous offerings. Combined record sales worldwide are around 4.5 million.

Sadly, the duo lost their lives when the car in which they were travelling was hit by a drunk-driver on 21 January 1996. The accident also claimed members of their families.

They say that every style of music has it’s time and in the late 80s The London Boys certainly had an impact on the music scene with their incredibly fun, camp, lively and unashamed performances.

For a short period of time, the music world  (and beyond) had two sparkling lights shining brightly.

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