EUROVISION NEWS: Who Are The Favourites?

Eurovision Favourites

With just over a month until the final of Eurovision 2019 – who are the favourites to win this year according to this year’s Eurovision betting odds?

This year’s final will be held in Tel Aviv on May 18th thanks to Netta’s win last year for Israel in Lisbon with the awesome ‘Toy’.

The betting odds are constantly changing but here are the songs in the Top 5 according to the betting.

The Netherlands: Duncan Laurence – ‘Arcade’

It’s a nice song but I can’t see what all the fuss is about. I think it will do quite well but can it win or will it go the same way as Anouk from a few years ago. We’ll have to wait and see.

Russia: Sergei Lazarev – ‘Scream’

Russia are DESPERATE to win again and once more have thrown everything at this song and production and I’m sure the staging will be just as awesome as Sergei’s last performance in 2016.

It’s big, it’s dramatic but is it a winner?

Sweden: John Lundvik – ‘Too Late For Love’

No one does Eurovision like Sweden and this is one of my favourites. The staging is simple and John’s voice, together with the gospel backing singers is incredible. Sweden got a hard time last year from the fans so will this one win them over?

Switzerland: Luca Hanni – ‘She Got Me’

It’s got a ‘Fuego’ vibe to it but that’s surely no bad thing. He’s a hot guy singing a hot song so yeah – I love it!

Italy: Mahmood – ‘Soldi’

Italy as always sing in their own language and I really wish more countries would do this. The song is growing on me an I cant wait to do the hand clapping in Tel Aviv to this!

How is your country fairing in the betting? My country, the United Kingom’s entry this year is from Michael Rice and interestingly the song was written by this year’s Swedish performer, John Lundvik.

As is usual these days it’s currently not predicted to do so well but I guess everything can change once the rehersals have started so good luck Michael – do your best!

One person who won’t be affected by the betting is Madonna. Yes, the Queen Of Pop is going to Eurovision. She will be performing two songs during the interval, one of which will be her brand new song ‘Medellín’. Altogether now – ‘1,2 Cha cha cha’.

What will the other song be though? That’s the big question. I personally am hoping for ‘Like A Prayer’ or ‘Vogue’.

Madonna 1989

There’s lots to look forward to in this year’s show and I, as always, am so excited to be attending the live grand final. This will be my fourth time and as yet there has been no contest better than the one I went to in Stockholm. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Sweden do Eurovision best for sure!

What’s your thoughts on this years contest?