FRESH: ‘(If) I Could Love’ – ALMNC

US duo ALMNC return with “(If) I Could Love”.

by Christopher Smith

ALMNC are a two-piece band hailing from Bakersfield, California. The band is composed of multi-instrumentalists Zachary Spier and Evan Ware, friends and musical compatriots that have orbited around each other for the better part of two decades. ALMNC’s first EP is self-titled and was released in 2017.

Both Spier and Ware are prolific recording artists, and they both came into ALMNC with songs they had composed on their own. Finding themselves on the same page musically, they used each other’s ideas to flesh out the songs. The band’s sound has been described as “hazily cinematic, a cascade of dreamy soundscapes that are lush and hypnotic but never static,” easily comparable to the likes of Washed Out, Toro y Moi, or Panda Bear.

“We’ve always shared our music with each other over the years,” Spier said. “The way we write and the ways we think about music are pretty similar. I know I get excited to hear what Evan thinks about something that I’ve done, and I think he does as well with his songs”.

For now ALMNC are prepping for a tour in support of their new EP and waiting to see what the future hold. One thing is for sure; these brothers in arms will probably be playing together in some capacity for years to come. According to Spier: “Evan and I have always known that we’ve wanted to play music with each other because we’re just really like-minded and have similar goals for what we want to do. So it’s always been kind of the plan, I think — even in the back of our minds when we were doing other stuff — that we would be playing…..together”.

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