FRESH: ‘If Not Me, Who?’ – Lisabel

Lisabel is back with “If Not Me, Who?”.

by Christopher Smith

Lisabel – who we have been following with great interest since her debut “Green Jade” last year – is back with her new single “If Not Me, Who?”, in which she urges to learn about self-empowerment through moments of insecurity.

Lisabel is a singer/songwriter based in London who explores genres with no intention of labelling her music. This time, differently to her previous singles “Green Jade” and “Stars Dance” which both focus on mystic and unearthly topics, Lisabel is dealing with her emotions talking about insecurity and vulnerability both of which she strives to transform into self-love and a sense of worthiness.

Her feelings are conveyed through different dynamics in her voice, storytelling and production which all frame the experience through stages; starting from self-doubt, to acceptance, Lisabel finally reaches a sense of serenity and confidence that help her face life and to find freedom in her creativity. The song’s melancholic opening characterised by a soft but colourful Prophet 08 soon develops into a wider arrangement composed of strings, bells, arpeggiators and more synthesizers as well as a driving groove.

“If Not Me, Who?” is a synth based soul track enhanced by a detailed production provided by London based keyboardist, synth player, producer and mixing engineer Nikola Kovačević at Brother Sun Sister Moon Productions who co-wrote the song with Lisabel.

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