Finnish artist Alisky premiere’s “Panic Attack”.

by Christopher Smith

Delving deeper into the human mind, Alisky puts mental health into focus with his new single “Panic Attack”. Describing the emotions and symptoms of such episode, “Panic Attack” gives a voice to those suffering from social anxiety or any other related causes. Bass riffs crackle and snaps echo as the eerie atmosphere and Alisky’s evergreen sense of groove take over.

Style, edge and energy. Alisky is a compelling mix of charismatic electronic and urban music. The 22-year-old Finnish producer / DJ has created a prominent and enigmatic sound where groove & rhythm are everything. Coming from the world of SoundCloud, Alisky started his artist journey as a member of an international artist collective Caps Lock Crew, and has since released music on labels such as Buygore & Bass=Win, while eventually signing to Warner Music Finland and it’s Etenee Records imprint in 2017.

In the summer of 2018, Alisky released his debut single “Traces” with IOLITE, paying homage to his dance music roots. Following up in the November of 2018, Alisky demonstrated his versatility with “Plan B” featuring Laudic, by exploring a more intimate and urban setting. Still, these are but the very first pages of what’s to come with Alisky.

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Written by aylshamchris

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