US artists Tiny Lunatic and Oh Sailor come together for “Maddened Sea”.

by Christopher Smith

Producer Tiny Lunatic (Austin, TX) and singer Oh Sailor (Portland, OR) met online while looking for collaborators. The pair have a backlog of songs to release, but have only uploaded two to date, the first of which “Maddened Sea” was actually finished last year.

“Maddened Sea” is a superb electro pop number with Oh Sailor’s gorgeous vocals binding the track together, so we here at look forward to further releases from the pair this year!

Both Tiny Lunatic and Oh Sailor plan to finish the rest in 2019 as well as their own side projects. Oh Sailor is gearing up for some live shows, and Tiny Lunatic is working on a soundtrack for a documentary being released this year.

For more about Tiny Lunatic, check out his FACEBOOK page as well as Oh Sailor’s FACEBOOK page

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Written by aylshamchris

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