Canadian artist Pakho Psionic is back with “4ever”!

by Christopher Smith

Beats, sounds, smile and sun!

It’s all about rhythm and fun. It’s all about beats, our heartbeats, the origin of everything, everywhere. It’s all about smiling, the power of an enlightened face. It’s all about the sun, light rays and energy. It’s all about music.

Move, dance, smile and live every minutes.

Pakho Psionic, once was singing in the rock band Psionic in Paris, France. Now, living in Montreal, Canada, he decided to completely change his style of music, getting in a more pop, electro sound. He returns to music with “4ever”.

Pakho took a ten year break form music to take care of his sick mother, who sadly died of alzheimers six months ago. “4ever” has been composed and dedicated in her memory. Pakho says he would have liked to be able to talk to her again for just a second, 4ever.

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Written by aylshamchris

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