EVERY UK NUMBER ONE SINGLE: ‘Let’s Have Another Party’ – Winifred Atwell

What was the number one song in the UK on 3rd December 1954?

By Hayley Beasley Dye

Pianist Winifred Atwell hailed from Trinidad and was at number one with this tune for 5 weeks.

Let’s Have a Party indeed as Winifred was the first black person to have a number one single in the UK. It’s a chirpy little piano instrumental record. It has a slightly “tinny”, “seasidey” (I’m just making these words up now) sound to it and that adds to the whole upbeat vibe. I quite like it, but I don’t think I’ll be playing it at a party any time soon.

It’s worth noting that Winifred moved to London in 1946 where she became the first female pianist to be awarded the highest grading in musicianship at the Royal Academy of Music. Go Winifred!


“Let’s Have Another Party” was a 1954 ragtime composition, which became a number one hit in the UK Singles Chart for the pianist Winifred Atwell. It is a composite of several pieces of music, and was a follow up to Atwell’s successful hit “Let’s Have a Party” of the previous year.

The music was written by Nat D. Ayer, Clifford Grey, James W. Tate, Ray Henderson, Mort Dixon and others. It was produced by Johnny Franz and first entered the UK chart on 26 November 1954 for an eight-week run, spending five of those weeks at number one.

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