Progressive-pop singer/songwriter Brett Miller releases “Million Voices”.

by Christopher Smith

Brett Miller describes his music as a hybrid of genres that is ever-evolving. Putting his vocal performance and song craft at the forefront, Brett has been able to construct his catalog and mold his sound to fit right on the cross hairs separating multiple genres of music.

Entering into 2019, Brett is set to release a sleeve of new songs throughout the entire length of the year. It all kicked off with his first single “Fire Escape” in late January with “Never Forget You” following and now his amazing latest release “Million Voices”.

His debut EP “Something Beautiful” was released in June 2017 and introduced Brett’s pop, singer/songwriter sound and personality; digging into the roots of Brett’s passion for delivering powerhouse vocals & telling timeless stories. In 2018, Brett introduced new colors to his voice and musical style with his single “Red Water” featuring Brooklyn-based hip-hop artist SAZE. “Red Water” seamlessly infuses elements of r&b/hip-hop into Brett’s aptitude for pop singing & penmanship.

“Million Voices” is the second single from the forthcoming, sophomore EP for Brett, landing in late June. “Million Voices” is the empowerment anthem for young adults in 2019; for anyone that falls victim to procrastinating and fear of other people’s opinions. Brett adds: “We are our own truth, and other people can only stop us for moving forward if we let them. Tune out all the voices and go get what’s yours!”.

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Written by aylshamchris

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