Michael Lane

FRESH: ‘Believe’ – Michael Lane

German singer Michael Lane releases “Believe”.

by Christopher Smith

Michael Lane has released his brand new single “Believe”. The video acts as a catalyst to the song and is not afraid to intervene with modern societal norms, inviting the audience to unmask their own perception and self-will. It encourages you to unleash the oppressed version of yourself and daring yourself to go for your dreams.

Michael Lane opens the song with “stood outside believe me, its cold and dark out there, world can never bring me, still I believe it’s here”, leaving you to interpret the symbolism in your own way. Being confronted as a 20 year old by the extremes of humanity through fighting in the US Army, in Iraq and Afghanistan, Michael Lane found music as his escapism from the cruelty of war.

With his music, Michael invites us to follow him into a world full of infinite possibilities. If we just could break through to that parallel side of ourselves, we would live completely freely and without any restrictions. Michael debuted in 2014 with the album “Sweet Notes” and followed that with “The Middle” in 2016 and “Linger On” the following year. “Believe” is the first single from his fourth album “Travelling Son” to be released by Greywood Records in the Autumn 2019.

For more about Michael, check out his WEBSITE and his FACEBOOK page

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