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FRESH: ‘Those Eyes’ – New West

New West announce their debut EP “Call Me When You Hear This Song”.

Toronto collective New West have announced their debut EP, “Call Me When You Hear This Song”, which will arrive on June 7th and have released the first single “Those Eyes” today. “Call Me When You Hear This Song” is the first of three planned EP’s for 2019, to be supported by a series of short films directed by awarding winning visual artist Sean Brown.

Discussing the single, the band states, “As the opening track on the EP, “Those Eyes” portrays the beginning of a relationship between two people in the midst of what is often referred to as the honeymoon phase. Each verse describes the intimate moments between two lovers ultimately suggesting that these small collected memories are often what keep people together even when they are physically separated. Two people once longing are now falling into a newly found love, an intense communion of personalities and emotions”.

Formed in 2017, Kala Wita, Vella, Ben Key and Noel West met, primarily through Noel, who had previously worked with artists Daniel Caesar and Jesse Reyes as an engineer/producer. In 2017 Noel conducted separate studio sessions with Kala Wita, who was introduced to Noel via the Toronto music scene and childhood friend Ben Key with the intention of forming a collaborative project. The three inevitably started sessions together however it was the addition of Vella, friend and colleague to Ben that completed the equation. The chemistry was instantaneous. In 2018 the group changed their name from The .Wav to New West with hopes to introduce a new signature sound to the Toronto music scene.

New West is a true collaborative process, with all the music written and performed by all four members, with each member contributing as a multifaceted instrumentalist and songwriter. The New West sound is comprised of a wide pallet of sonic inspirations but drawing from British acts such as Oasis, Coldplay, The Beatles and Toronto artists such as Daniel Caesar and The Weeknd. Their songs emanate themes of nostalgia, infatuation, heartbreak and self-awareness with a focus on songwriting and lyricism.

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