FRESH: ‘If I Loved You’ – Royse

US pop artist Royse releases “If I Loved You”.

by Christopher Smith

Royse is a pop singer based in Los Angeles, CA. She’s an artist who can pull from the undercurrents to make songs that hit people’s hearts. Royse’s biggest weapon is her ability to explore darkness in order to get to the light. She is able to openly speak about a bad day, but she’s somehow able to turn it around into something positive and encouraging for fans to read.

Her forthcoming début album is simply titled “Royse”. It features her three singles “Intention”, “Madness” and the latest “If I Loved You”. It has a fun message and strong songs with great melodies. The album is produced by Adrian Gurvitz, with songs written by Royse, Lauren Christy, Katt Nestel, and Adrian Gurvitz Music is everything to Royse. Her vulnerability and honesty with her fans proves how relatable she is. Royse wants her fans to feel like they are friends, and she’s there to go through tough times as well as good with you.

Music is Royse’s way of finding acceptance and her light. Providing a hopeful message often takes a lot of wading through darkness. There’s an artful irony to how deep she can be as a girl raised under classic, faultless American ideals. Like Lana Del Rey, Adele, and Lady Gaga, this exploration darkness is not so overt, but done through her visual identity. Royse is everyone’s friend and a bundle of kindness. Anyone who is a fan of Royse’s is loved. When it comes to releasing her music or videos, they will be shared online in the way a friend shows off something she’s accomplished to another friend.

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