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INTERVIEW: Zizzo World

There is only one Zizzo World!

Emerging from the elite London music scene in the UK, Artist/Producer Zizzo World talks to Talk About Pop Music.

by Steve McSteveface

He has recently released his latest song ‘Let’s Talk About Love‘ so have a listen and then hear what he had to say when he talked to us.

TAPM: You are giving us some great new music but who are your musical influences?

Z: Honestly, I listen to lots of different artists and music genres, but mostly of them normally are in the top 40 in the charts  – David Guetta, AJR Brothers, Chainsmokers.

TAPM: Awesome! So What was the last song you listened to?

Z: ‘Weak’ by AJR

TAPM: Cool – let’s listen…

TAPM: We know you are currently working on a new song – tell us about the inspiration behind it?

Z: The new song is more about summer vibes and energy of love. Hopefully it will get into charts also, as it will br a really cool sounding song.

TAPM: Great, we can’t wait to hear it! We’ve just started to get over Eurovision 2019 – is Eurovision something you would ever consider?

Z: I have already produced twice in different past years for some artists from my origin country (Moldova), and yes I think it is a great contest and place for any emerging artists/producers to get heard and gain some more popularity and experiences. If I have an opportunities to get in again, for sure I will think about it!

TAPM: We love Moldova at Eurovision – let’s watch 10 of the best!

TAPM: Tell us something embarrassing about yourself…

Z: I’m getting lazy so many times when I shouldn’t…

TAPM: What’s your favourite song lyric from one of your songs?

Z: “Oh baby love is all I need, look in my eyes cause I will sing” from ‘Phenomenal’…

TAPM: And your favourite song lyric ever?

Z: “Is curious, scandalous, don’t be so furious, Life is a bad joke, don’t take it serious, When I feel myself double-crossed, not lost, Nothing can make me swallow my words” from ‘Bad Joke’ by Parazitii…

TAPM: Who is the Queen of Pop?

Z: Now? Maybe – Ariana Grande? Before…of course Madonna!

TAPM: Always Madonna! And the King Of Pop?

Z: Always Michael Jackson.

TAPM: Correct answer haha! So, what’s the plan for the remainder of 2019?

Z: I just signed a with Andorfine Record Label (Germany), we will release 2 new remixes within next few weeks, also as mentioned I am planning to release a fresh song but mostly I will be concentrated on my album that will go out in 2020.

And we can’t wait!

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