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SONGWRITERS: Edward Barton – It Really Is A Fine Day!

…a fine night tonight and a fine day tomorrow, if you dial 555 and confide!

Edward Barton is an English poet and songwriter who wrote the ode “A Fine Day” in 1983, the words of which go something like this…

“It’s a fine day
People at the window
They live for house
Just for a showed walk
They walk by the grass
And they look at the grass
They look at the sky
It’s going to be a fine night tonight
It’s going to be a fine day tomorrow

Ra ra ra ra ra ra ri ra ra ra

Sittin’ in this field
I remember how we were going to sit in this field but never quite did
Rain or appointments or something”

The short composition was recorded that same year by his friend Jane Lancaster and released as a single, making No.5 on the UK Independent chart.

In 1992 dance act Opus III (aka Kirsty Hawkshaw) used the verse and chorus of the song for their debut single “It’s A Fine Day”, released on Pete Waterman’s PWL International label. The song proved a huge hit in clubs and on the singles charts across Europe, topping the US dance chart and peaking at No.5 in the UK.

Two years later, Kylie Minogue made her big comeback having left PWL for pastures new with the single “Confide In Me” which went to No.1 in Australia and No.2 in the UK. Barton heard the song on the radio and liked it. Alot. Then thought about it. And finally realised he recognised it! He later said: “I woke up one afternoon and switched on the radio. I thought, “that’s a good tune. In fact that’s my tune!””. Barton now receives a co-songwriting credit on the song.

“It’s A Fine Day” was also sampled on Orbital’s 1993 hit “Halcyon” and Pizzaman aka Fat Boy Slim aka Norman Cook’s 1995 top twenty hit “Happiness”. The original 1983 version was re-produced by Italian producers David Carlotti and Carmine Sorrentino in 1998 and Kirsty Hawkshaw re-recorded the song in 2002 and 2008! So it would seem that every day is a fine day and continues to be for Edward Barton! Let’s hope it’s a fine day tomorrow as well!

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