Michela Pace

EUROVISION 2019: What Next – Michela Pace

What next for this year’s Eurovision finalists?

Malta: Michela Pace

by Christopher Smith

Malta returned to Eurovision this year after an absence of three years with 18 year old singer Michela Pace and her song “Chameleon”, which finished in fourteenth place with 107 points, 88 of those given by the jury. Michela had won the 2018-19 series of X Factor in Malta and as part of her prize, was to perform the island’s entry at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

“Chameleon” is written by Swedish hitmaker Joacim Persson together with Paula Winger, Borislav Milanov and Johan Alkenäs and was quickly tipped as one to watch out for. In the event, thirteen other songs did better and despite good scoring from the jury, the tele vote seemed less interested. The song has charted in Sweden, Iceland and Greece, and now that she has made her name on the world stage, it won’t be long before Michela seduces us with her vocal abilities or her dance moves!

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