Ollie Sloan releases “Move With You”.

by Christopher Smith

Pop/electro-Pop Brighton, UK artist Ollie Sloan has released his second solo track “Move With You”, the follow up to “Florida Pink”. The song is about not rushing into things for a change. You see someone you like and instead of ruining it all by going too fast, you just take it slower and see how it goes. Move with someone, get to know them. It’s important to me, we can ruin things too easily.

Ollie says “Releasing new music after a break and move away from the ‘singer/songwriter’ style. Trying a fresh approach to songwriting with more production and carefully constructed phrasing and melodies”. Living in Brighton, Ollie has reinvented himself thanks to a pretty crap 2018.

More production focussed, careful composition and a focus on ‘stripping out the cheese’, he looks forward to 2019 being a year of coffee fuelled writing sessions, gigs and tapping into the London and Brighton music scene once more. Welcome back Ollie and we look forward to many more great tracks from you!

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Written by aylshamchris

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