Abe Parker

FRESH: ‘Cool Kid’ – Abe Parker

US singer Abe Parker releases “Cool Kid”!

by Christopher Smith

Imagine if John Mayer met Ed Sheeran and they all moved to Atlanta to make a trap beat. That’s the best way to describe Abe Parker. Parker combines his guitar chops and pop sensibility to create a unique and infectious sound. Parker humbly began his musical journey living out of his car after moving to Atlanta, GA from his small hometown of Blue Rock, Ohio. Since then Parker has toured from Maine to California and shared the stage with acts such as Andy Grammer, Johny Swim, Ben Rector, Judah and the Lion, Andrew Ripp, David Crowder and many more.

“I thought I was your friend not your stepping stone.” It always hurts when you realize that a “friend” was only interested in using you as a means to an end. This singer-songwriter, trap influenced beat tells the tale of a broken trust and delivers a powerful counter-cultural message about the party scene’s dark side. Mixed and mastered by the same engineer who did “Trampoline” by Shaed, “Cool Kid” will be part of a full album to be released later in 2019.

Abe says: “I think we all know the pain of being used. And sometimes, as much as you wanted to believe someone is gonna change and make things right, you just have to cut off the negative influence in your life. I wrote this song about that letting go”. Abe’s debut album “Ninety Percent Of Reality” was released in 2011 and he followed this with “Home Park” in 2018 as well as a batch of singles. “Cool Kid” follows on from his most recent singles “Heaven” and “Forget” released at the end of 2018.

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