NZ producer La Félix teams up with Max Green for “Too Many Lies”.

by Christopher Smith

New Zealand producer La Félix has shared his latest single “Too Many Lies” on Casablanca Sunset Records. “Too Many Lies” is a bright up-tempo summertime single featuring lyrics from the talented Los Angeles based vocalist Max Green.

In line with previous La Felix releases, “Too Many Lies” features melodic piano chords, nu disco synthesizers, and catchy guitar work. The chorus echoes an anthemic sentiment while showcases La Felix’s abilities as one of the premiere nu-disco producers within the genre. Felix’s funky instrumentation is brimming with groovy characteristics.

He crafts multiple layers of bass and rhythm coupled with Max’s original vocal and Felix’s signature talk box vocal effects. At moments the song is disco pop meets electro-funk. Lyrically, the song is about a relationship plagued with lies. As vocalist Max Green puts it, “Too Many Lies is a song about integrity. In an attempt to reduce anxiety in my life, I’ve personally found the most relief through being honest to both yourself and others. In this particular song, I’m talking about a relationship that was at one point very strong but lost its weight after too many lies were told”.

Both Max and Felix wrote the song together via email over about a nice-month period. Now that the song is finally finished and ready for release, everyone is extremely excited to share it! Enjoy!

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Written by aylshamchris

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