Sam Dickinson 2019

SPOTLIGHT: Sam Dickinson Facebook Q+A and some!

Sam Dickinson answers your questions (and drinks some wine!)

by Christopher Smith

Sam Dickinson recently went live on his Facebook page to answer questions from adoring fans and some other people(!) about his current plans and new releases. Here’s what we gleaned in between all the music (and wine)…and he named quite a few friends of along the way!

Sam’s first question was about who his favourite artists are. He mentioned Aretha Franklin, Beth Macari – a fellow ‘Jordie’ who we have featured and who has a new single coming out soon so stay tuned! – and MARKX, another friend of who we have featured and interviewed and who also has a new EP coming out in a few weeks time and we will be featuring that as well!

Sam was asked about what we can expect from “From The Glass House Part Two” and he said it was very reflective and dealt with personal feelings and emotions as well as recent experiences such as the loss of his Nan, as illustrated in the song “Goodbye”. Sam also discussed the lead single “All We Are” that we announced together with the EP last month and premiered the video for the single upon it’s release and Sam’s forthcoming release schedule and live dates.

Sam was asked about a full album. He said that a total of THIRTY tracks had been written and recorded with Hattie Murdoch with the original intention of releasing an album but then decided to release three EP’s instead. Sam promised that all thirty tracks will be released over the coming twelve months in some form or another with Part Three on its way before that.

Sam has already had some good news this week (14/06/19). “All We Are” is currently No.75 on the iTunes Bestseller Pre Order Chart, so doing well already and let’s hope it goes much higher and sells really well for Sam! “Wild Sun” has surpassed 16,000 views on YouTube and it looks like “All We Are” will go the same way this Summer. Check it out and follow us for all the latest news and reviews on Sam and “From The Glass House Part Two”.

Oh, and by the way, if you’re wondering where the title “From The Glass House” comes from, Sam tells us its from the saying “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”. Sam adds we are all, essentially, in glass houses and therefore we need to look within, that way we will obtain self worth and happiness. There. Thanks Sam!

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