EUROVISION 2019: What Next – Zena

What next for this year’s Eurovision finalists?

Belarus: Zena

by Christopher Smith

Since entering Eurovision for the first time in 2004, Belarus has only qualified six times, and it remains that it’s best performance is still the first time of qualification in 2007 with “Work Your Magic” which finished sixth. The yea the country fielded 16 year old singer and actress Zinaida Kupriyanovich better known as Zena with the song “Like It”. Zena had previously represented the country in Junior Eurovision twice, first in 2016 with the song “Mir” and again the following year with “Kosmos”, as well as co-hosted Junior Eurovision the following year!

So all eyes were on this Eurovision ‘veteran’ as she won her country’s backing to perform at Eurovision proper in 2019. “Like It” or not was the voting question and the response came back. 31 points in total with a fairly even split of 18 from the Jury and 13 from the tele vote to finish in twenty fourth place, the joint worst finish for Belarus along with 3+2 feat Robert Wells with “Butterflies” in 2010. “Like It” was written by Yulia Kireeva and co-produced with Zena herself.

The song has Topped the Belarus airplay chart and reached No.6 on the singles chart, so there has been some joy for the Belarus team this year. Zena has already released a new single “World” as she embarks on a new found stardom and demand as a singer with, no doubt, many others to follow. At such a tender age, Zena has everything before her with the world, her oyster. Good luck Zena!

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