Anna Odobescu

EUROVISION 2019: What Next – Anna Odobescu

What next for this year’s Eurovision entrants?

Moldova: Anna Odobescu

by Christopher Smith

Moldova joined Eurovision in 2005 and finished sixth that year. Since then it’s had three further top ten placings including a third finish in 2017 with SunStroke Project’s “Hey Mamma” and the country finished tenth in 2018. So with 27 year old singer Anna Odobescu selected to represent the country at this year’s Contest with “Stay” it was hoped that Moldova could keep this run of high placing up. This year it was not to be as “Stay” failed to qualify in its group semi final and for the first time in three years, Moldova did not perform at the grand final.

Anna made her debut last year with the single “Agony” and having won O melodie pentru Europa 2019 (Moldova’s contest to select a representative for the Eurovision Song Contest) Anna released “Stay” as its follow up. The song is written by German born Greek songwriter Georgios Kalpakidis, Thomas Reil, Jeppe Reil and Maria Broberg. Anna is currently working on future singles and has made a number of appearances on TV and on stage in her home country. With such a high profile beginning to her career, Anna Odobescu is already assured of continued and greater success with all that she does from now on.

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