FRESH: ‘In My Shoes’ – Keyra

Swedish singer Keyra releases “In My Shoes”.

by Christopher Smith

Keyra is a 20 year old independent artist, songwriter and producer. She’s just released her second project “In My Shoes” in parallel with her full time studies in Music business. She describes her genre as Trip Pop, a mix between modern pop and 90’s Bristol Trip hop. Keyra runs her own music label called Keyrilla from where she does all her work.

She does everything herself from the music to the directing of the music videos to PR, marketing and project management. She wants to inspire others to trust their own force and to do their own thing without the control from a major label. Keyra released her first single “Life Support” as independent including a music video in January 2019. “In My Shoes” and is about all the hours in the studio and the hard work with everything behind creating music as an independent. The work that no one actually sees, because the only thing you hear is the 3 minutes on the radio. Tagline for the song is: ”You couldn’t walk a mile in my shoes”. Keyra has written and produced the song together with Martin Påhlsson and Mathias Loidimo Siroiney.

The music video is done in collab with the Streetwear company JD Sports and fronts a pair of white Nike Airmax 720. Her vision with the video was to create a modern street version of Cinderella. The video focuses on the shoes which has a translucent sole which almost looks like glass and by 3D-animation the pair of shoes is walking around by themselves in the city trying to find it’s right owner. The video symbolizes apart from the visually obvious connection to Cinderella also the corresponding meaning behind the song, since Cinderella is the unnoticeable who works hard every day without recognition and therefore represents Keyra (and many others) as an idependent very well. Keyra has in a very intelligent way connected her thought behind the song and succeeded to visualize this by the story in the video.

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Written by aylshamchris

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