Ester Peony

EUROVISION 2019: What Next – Ester Peony

What next for this year’s Eurovision entrants?

Romania: Ester Peony

by Christopher Smith

Since entering Eurovision in 1993, Romania have had two third place finishes and a number of top ten’s including 2017’s “Yodel It” which ended seventh. The country failed to qualify last year with The Humans’ “Goodbye” so this year great hope was pinned on 25 year old singer Ester Peony with her haunting “On A Sunday”. Once again, all were to be disappointed, with “On A Sunday” not raking in enough votes to go through in the semi final.

Ester made her music debut in 2014 on the single “Cuminte de Crăciun” (“Honeymoon Christmas”), a joint venture with fellow Romanian artists Doddy, Vescan and Mahia Beldo. She joined forces with producer Vescan for her next two singles “Sub aripa ta” (“Under Your Wing”) and “Oameni” (“People”) the following year, and released “Lubire”, her first single on her own later that same year. Ester released her debut EP “Dig It” in 2018, mostly written by herself.

“On A Sunday” was written by Ioana Victoria Badea as a Gothic electro-pop ballad and was produced by Alexandru Şerbu, Ester’s boyfriend of six years. While gaining much acclaim from many quarters, was described by one critic as “Marlene Dietrich meets Count Dracula”! The song revevied 71 points coming thirteenth in the group semi final, which was not enough to ensure its progress to the grand final.

Ester has already released a new track “Dernière danse” (“Last Dance”), this time teaming up with dance producers HIDDN and RudeLies and is currently putting the finishing touches to her debut album that is expected later this year. Good luck Ester!

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