Declan Carrier is back with “Bubble”!

by Christopher Smith

Australian born Brit Declan Carrier, who we have been following and profiling all this year, is no singer/songwriter with a guitar and loop pedal; he’s the real pop deal and he’s not afraid to own it! His infectious stage presence, undeniable groove and flair for interesting fashion choices oozes a level of confidence that simply demands the full attention of anyone within earshot.

So we are delighted to announce Declan’s brand new single “Bubble”, his third and the follow up to “Way You Move” and “Saving All My Love“, which we featured earlier this year. Declan describes “Bubble” as a “funky disco pop rock to get you moving!” Declan wants to spread the word about the song as he is keen to find someone to remix the track! Get in touch with Declan or us is you’re interested, please!

Having grown up on the remote beaches north of Sydney, Declan returned to London, a city which he has called home for the past six years. Since then, Declan has honed his trade to a point at which his unashamedly pop-driven vocals and disco-reminiscent sound turns heads wherever he travels. With an innate talent for songwriting, a fierce work ethic and a knack for finding friends in the most obscure of places, Declan Carrier is gunning for Michael Jackson’s spot as the King of Pop. It’s just a shame he can’t dance to save his life!

Stay in touch with Declan through his WEBSITE and his FACEBOOK page

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Written by aylshamchris

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