Darude Sebastian Rejman

EUROVISION 2019: What Next – Darude and Sebastian Rejman

What next for this year’s Eurovision entrants?

Finland: Darude and Sebastian Rejman

by Christopher Smith

Since debuting in Eurovision in 1961, Finland have generally not fared to well with eight last place finishes to their name. That all changed in 2006 when rockers Lordi took everyone by surprise with their ‘anthem’ “Hard Rock Hallelujah” and won the contest with 292 points. In the aftermath, life for Finland has settled back to how things were with a last place finish in 2009 and in the ten years since, the country has only qualified for the grand final on four occasions, so the announcement that legendary DJ and producer Darude was helping with its 2019 entry was greeted with awe and excitement. And that wasn’t all. Darude would be teaming up with Sebastian Rejman, lead singer with the Finnish band The Giant Leap. So this was going to be the year. Right?

Wrong. Their dance tune “Look Away”, written by Rejman and produced by Toni-Ville Henrik Virtanen (Darude), failed to qualify from its semi final heat much to the surprise of many on lookers and Eurovision fans. Perhaps even big names in music are not entirely guaranteed to succeed where other, unknown artists made it? Whatever, the song has become a big club tune across Europe and adds to Darude’s long and distinguished discography that now stretches more than twenty years. Darude of course is best known for his club anthems “Sandstorm” (1999) and “Feel The Beat” (2000), which are now accepted as iconic dance tunes and instantly recognisable to the ear. His debut album “Before The Storm” (2000) went on to sell over 800,000 copies and Darude joined clubland royalty with the likes of Paul Van Dyk and Paul Oakenfold. He has continued to pump out great dance music and made the connection with Rejman in 2016 when they recorded the single “Moments”. His latest tune “Hide” has just been released off the back of “Look Away”.

41 year old Sebastian Rejman formed the group The Giant Leap in 2005 and released their debut album “Another Day Rising” in 2007. Since their self-titled follow up was released in 2010, the group have been ‘on hiatus’ and Rejman formed a new group Sebastian & The 4th Line Band and have toured across Finland and other parts of Europe. Whether The Giant Leap ‘reform’ remains to be seen, but Rejman has kept himself occupied with the new group and of course working with Darude on “Moments”. Obviously flushed with this new partnership, Darude and Sebastian have joined forces again for the tracks “Release Me” and “Superman”. Perhaps this is your new calling Sebastian…?(!)

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