FRESH: 'Astronauts' - Crash Adams

FRESH: ‘Astronauts’ – Crash Adams

Crashing right into your living room!

By Steve McSteveface

Crash Adams are an indie/pop duo from Toronto.

On May 3rd they released their first track Astronauts, and it was so awesome that it was picked by Spotify for New Music Friday Canada, Indie Allstars, and Fresh Finds Poptronix!

Aside from giving us this fantastic song and video, these two guys have a great attitude and I love this quote from them…

“We’re two childhood friends who are willing to carry a bright red couch around our city dressed in suits, just to get the perfect photo”

Here at Talk About Pop Music we are expecting big things from these guys. Stay tuned to find out even more about them – who knows they might even reveal their names to us when we interview them over the next few weeks.

In the meantime grab your helmet and be like the Astronauts!

For more about Crash Adams, check out their WEBSITE, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK page

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