FRESH: ‘Silver Storm’ – Tenna

Tenna debuts with “Silver Storm”!

by Christopher Smith

Tenna is a Canadian-born singer-songwriter based out of Toronto. Her biggest inspiration is her father who she grew up listening to sing and play Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and The Beatles’ songs on guitar, which influenced her poetic songwriting. Tenna’s music can have a dark tone at times, while at the same time, being light in its imagery. Tenna writes about emotionally abusive relationships, love, and social issues.

From her upcoming debut EP, Tenna addresses the struggles of female sexual assault victims in the song “Why Didn’t You?” Tenna’s music pushes boundaries and is a deeper, darker pop music with a more organic vibe. With hints of electronic music and a touch of R&B, Tenna’s EP is influenced by a variety of different genres. Currently, Tenna is working on a complete album and is back to writing alongside her acoustic guitar and her father’s unique guitar melodies.

“Silver Storm”, her debut single, is about the peace you feel when you are in love. It is about how, no matter what external factors are present, there’s that one person that can always make you feel grounded and bring you back down to earth. No matter what terrible things are happening, they can calm you down and restore your happiness. “Silver Storm” also refers to the silver lining in all of the chaos because you can always find good in the bad. I tend to see the good in people, a strength and a weakness.

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