Alx Luke

FRESH: ‘Wasted’ – Alx Luke

Alx Luke releases “Wasted”.

by Christopher Smith

Alx Luke is a singer and songwriter and a professional aerial cirque performer with a big support of LGBTQ family. The music that he creates is urban pop, with a sexy, sultry vibe including high energy dance elements in most of his tracks. His new song is “Wasted”. It’s an urban-pop/dance song with a sexy positive vibe to it. Produced by Rykeyz (Demi Lovato, Little Mix, Wiz Khalifa) and co-written with Jaden Michaels (Robin Thicke, Lea Michele).

With a widespread fanbase and growing audience, Alx is getting ready to release an upcoming, debut album. Directed by Jeff Klevins, the video for this single is truly a piece of art. Alx says the message of “Wasted” is that you make a heart “Wasted”…do me wrong because I don’t care, just be with me! I’m slipping on you like Vanilla Ice!

“Wasted” follows on from Alx’s debut single “Infectious Love” in 2015. Alx followed this with “Black Diamond” 2018 and “Tainted Love”, his biggest single to date. The song’s sensual Asian vibe and the video’s artistic flair offer the perfect blend of seductive dynamics which is seen and felt throughout Alx Lukes work.

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