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FRESH: ‘Where We’re Going’ – Gregory Dillon

US electro-pop artist Gregory Dillon releases “Where We’re Going”.

by Christopher Smith

A true 90’s New England kid, Gregory Dillon spent much of his boyhood chasing time on his green Razor scooter and ribbon dancing on his trampoline. Gregory led a secret life struggling to overcome his misunderstood sexuality. Despite being a proficient self-taught musician, performing his music proved a challenge for the self-doubting teenager, who would rather give a concert in the solitude of his abandoned high school chapel.

Now swimming in the style and nostalgia of the metropolis, Gregory’s 80’s-stained sound takes on a rare pop maturity, all-the-while playing with a electric retro flare. Stacked with a wall of synth and haunting vocals, Gregory Dillon’s sensitive timbre will bring you to a nostalgic place where you are reminded that you are loved. In retrospect, it is clear that each one of Gregory’s decisions to further embrace his true self, helped create the perfect conditions for the full flowering of his genius.

His new single “Where We’re Going” was written at the early stages of his last/most recent relationship. Gregory tells us: “It’s hard to forget the first date, waiting for him at the end of the 72nd street platform. I was irrationally sweaty and nervous but I remember his smile behind the doors of the train as it came to a stop. as he stepped off the train I was kind of lost in an innocent sweaty bliss. I remember being a bit irrationally nervous. I know personally whenever something is starting off/going good I overthink. I’d do anything to look into the future to see where something is going/if I was taking all the right steps. At the same time that’s honestly the best part and I think I wrote this song to remind myself/remember/confirm that the present moment is the best moment”.

“I think that we should head to the rooftop, clear as the night and skyscraper shadows” – This is the most important line to me in the song. I associate a lot of imagery and to me the stairs of my rooftop always led to a paradise above the confusion of the city/confusion below. They are a warm metaphor for fate and paradise. [I associate a lot of nostalgia in the song to the staircase leading up to my rooftop which for me was our little paradise above the city.] Sunsets up there were heavenly”. “Where We’re Going” is co-produced by Gregory and London producer and close friend JJ Mitchell.

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