Sørbye | Jennebo

FRESH: ‘Home’ – Sørbye | Jennebo

New Swedish duo Sørbye | Jennebo debut with “Home”.

by Christopher Smith

Did you find your place, does it feels like home?

“These were the first words coming to my head when I had to say goodbye to my sister who moved from Sweden to USA” says Benjamin Jennebo, one half of Swedish duo Sørbye | Jennebo. “Home” is the first single from this organic pop duo, and is really close to their heart, a song they are so proud to be able to share.

In 2019 Benjamin Jennebo, the founder of Smash into Pieces started up the new duo with Daniel Sørbye, called Sørbye | Jennebo. Benjamin reached out to Chris Adam’s brother Daniel Sörbye in the middle of 2018 for some creative sessions in the studio. The new songs were too good to just be demos, so they both decided to share this with the world. Docks where as convinced as Benjamin and Daniel about this.

The soulful pop duo started 2019 with proudly signing a deal with Docks and releasing “Home”, which is an organic pop song with folk influences. They have quickly followed this with the latest single “Rude”, an up-tempo Summer folkpop song with a catchy melody as they seek to build a following and allow more insightful music to flow.

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