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FRESH: ‘Seasons’ – Noah Deist

US singer Noah Deist releases “Seasons”.

by Christopher Smith

Noah Deist is an American singer, songwriter, and musician based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Noah’s sound is derived from a diverse combination of influences and backgrounds, resulting in a style of music that appeals to audiences across the board. His ability to transform life experiences into lyrical melodies in a way that compels audiences to listen and relate sets him apart from other artist. Noah’s latest single, titled “Seasons”, comes from times of change and transitioning, something which everyone experiences at certain points in their lives. “Seasons” combines Noah’s experience with moving around the country and transitioning into college into a song that many young adults making these tough life decisions are able to resonate with.

Noah tells us: “Seasons” comes from a time in my life where I was transitioning out of high school and into college. Everyone who has gone through this transition knows about the intense amount of pressure and stress it holds. And Around that same time my family got word that we would be moving some 20 hours across the country. I had decided to attend college close to where we were living, which meant at college next year I’d be almost 20 hours away from home. Transitioning in college is a major change in life but doing so after your family has moved 20 hours away is a totally different ball game. Thats what this song is about. It combines my experience with moving and transitioning into college into a song that I think a lot of young adults making these tough life decisions will resonate with”.

At seven years old, Noah began his journey into music. Starting with drums (which he learned from his father), Noah quickly moved to piano, guitar, and later vocals. By 8th grade, Noah had already started a band and was leading worship at his home church regularly. These experiences and background heavily influenced Noah as a young musician. Growing up playing music in not only cover bands, but also in the church formed the foundation of Noah’s musical passions. It is from these foundations and experiences that Noah discovered his desire to tell stories through music. Meaningful stories that have a positive impact on those listening. Noah’s single “Onward” was released in November 2018, with an overarching tone of positivity, this love song encourages listeners to keep pressing onward in their relationships and lives, even when the future is unclear.

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