Anthony Hüseyin

FRESH: ‘If You Love Someone’ – Anthony Hüseyin

Dutch singer Anthony Hüseyin releases “If You Love Someone”.

by Christopher Smith

In 2016 Anthony Hüseyin won the second prize in the singer-songwriter category at the Sena Grote Prijs van Rotterdam (the Big Prize of Rotterdam). In November 2017 he released his second album “The Lucky One”, inspired by a lost love. In it Anthony Hüseyin takes you on an emotional journey of passing through love, hope, and acceptance. The album consists eight songs, each a homage to the chronologic chapters of the story. Melancholic dark electro-pop mixed with tender jazz-pop vocals and a touch of retro 80’s beats takes you in to his world.

The album was once again released in Amsterdam’s Paradiso. A Rotterdam release followed during the Popweek as well as a tour in Turkey. The latter was sponsored by the Dutch embassy there under the name Music to Connect, focusing on the LGBTQI community in Turkey. In May 2018 “We Make Sense Together”, the first music video Anthony Hüseyin made for “The Lucky One” will be screened at Berlin Music Video Awards at the Silver Screenings.

After “We Make Sense Together” and “I’m Falling in Love”, the first two music videos by Anthony Hüseyin, it is now time to take it to the next level. With “If You Love Someone”, Anthony questions and reflects on space – the personal space that forms our sanctuary or that hide behind when, overwhelmed by intense emotions, we are not ready to become intimate. Or the space we use in a power game, trying to control the safety and security other person provides us with; as if we are holding their heart in our hand. Or the space we use as an excuse, a way to say ‘no’ to the person whom we are not really into?

“We disappear, we don’t answer, we don’t write back, even though our counterpart didn’t set any boundaries and already let down their walls. Basically, we let the other person to decide when to come close and when not to. The unknown… The struggle of the unknown… The issues we’re having when someone we love sets up a boundary, not accepting that boundary. “There is no and there shouldn’t be any space between us…” he says. “Surrendering to unknown…? Is love mutual? Is space mutual? How are our emotions shaped while the space is shifting between and around us? How much do we compromise for love? What’s in that space? Anger? Patience? Grief? Self-worth?”.

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