FRESH: ‘Under My Skin’ – RiffTunes

US artist RiffTunes releases “Under My Skin”.

by Christopher Smith

RiffTunes is an independent artist who creates all of his music electronically. He loves a diverse selection of music, so that when he creates a song, he likes to work in a number of different music genres and even sometimes mix those genres within one song to create a unique sound.

“Under My Skin” is his latest single. It’s a catchy, upbeat Pop-Rock song with great guitar riffs and a melodic vocals. RiffTunes debuted back in 2015 with “Next” and has since released innumerable tracks, seven studio albums and two best of’s! “Under My SKin” is already his SEVENTH release this year and follows “Talk Of The Town”, “Sad Day”, “Cautious”, “Saunter”, “Perfect Vibe” and “Come Back Down”.

He tells us: “My goal is to not sound like everything else that is popular at the moment but to be different and creative. The genres I work in include, Rock, Funk, R&B, Disco, Jazz, Hip Hop and Electronic Music”. RiffTunes currently has over 2,300 Facebook followers and over 5,000 hits on his website per month.

For more about RiffTunes, check out his WEBSITE and his FACEBOOK page

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