FRESH: ‘Suburban Lawn (Su, Where Are You Now?)’ – BLARG

This is BLARG and their latest single “Suburban Lawn (Su, Where Are You Now?)”.

by Christopher Smith

BLARG are from Cologne, Germany. BLARG are Tom Kirschner, Theodor Steiner and ‘Frankie’.

BLARG are here! This is BLARG and their latest release “Suburban Lawn (Su, Where Are You Now?)”

For ten years, Theo and Tom had a burning fire called passion for making out-of-the-ordinary music. With all the ups and downs of life they stayed together with the goal to make music for the outsiders of the outsiders.

Listening to psychedelic rock for six hours straight in a windowless room while putting flyers into envelopes grew the desire to create and share their vision! From the very start they created music they could not share with anyone nearby – from long drawn clipping noise solos to a single scratch table bass guitars recording in a storage hall.

After moving to Cologne, they found a drummer and recorded their first bunch of songs and burned them on CD’s to share them. After one year they lost their drummer and got a new one. But not long after the second and then the third drummer left for personal reasons. Looking for a solution they bought a bare-bones drum machine prepared for live gigs. Enter ‘Frankie’!

While performing, Theo tap-danced on the pedalboard to switch between verse, chorus, muting the constantly running drum machine and a voice looper and effects to create a wall of sounds. Tom created the most beautiful soundscapes with chiming sounds out of heaven to fuzz solos to drive out the devil that seems to posses him while playing with movements straight out of ‘The Exorcist’.

BLARG debuted with “Killing” and followed this with “Darkness”, “Radiohead” and “Will You Love Me Again?” so stay tuned as we follow their progress every step of the way!

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