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FRESH: ‘Like Like’ EP – Lostchild

Lostchild is back with “Like Like”!

“Like Like” is about watching everyone around you figure out their lives and loves out, whilst you can’t seem to put the pieces together. My fear of rejection and failure has definitely kept me from leaving the self destructive behaviours of my past behind, and this song stems from that feeling of powerlessness. “Like Like” is the brand new EP from Lostchild, a solo lgbt artist and performer who writes and produces pop music that is very personal. Growing up in a small town in the UK, Joe Copplestone aka Lostchild always felt like an outsider, not able to connect with anyone.

The EP is his third EP, following on from his debut “Being Loved When You Know You’re Not Good Enough” in 2017 and “Blacklist” in 2018. The new EP features three brand new recordings plus a remix and acoustic version of the title track. Joe tells us: “In the video I’m carrying balloons through a colourful pink space, which very much represents my safe little bubble away from the world. I never let go of the balloons, and at the end instead of releasing the balloons off the roof when I’ve got the chance, I take one look at the horizon and head right back inside. It’s a simple childlike video that takes place in my head, a place where I can dance and have fun…but I’m the only one ever there”.

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