FRESH: ‘Jeans’ – Pikes

Sweden’s Pikes loves “Jeans”!

by Christopher Smith

“Jeans” is a love song for the material jeans and in particular pants. So says the artist Pikes, songwriter and producer Christoffer Ling. He thinks it’s great and never stops being surprised at how good people look when they wear jeans. The song is built around a distorted guitar pad from an old Korg M1 and a loop of a finger cymbal pattern.

Christoffer has for a almost a year now released music under the alias of Pikes. “Jeans” is a part of an upcoming five song EP that is due out in September. Christoffer tells us “I just really wanted to write something sexy for once!”. It is built as a crescendo, I want this song to feel like anticipation building up to a climax. The final chorus hits you at 2:08″.

He continues “The idea began as a way of departing from an existence that was defined by rules and norms. The music is a mixture of synthesizers from the 80’s, sampled/organic drums and large orchestral soundscapes that come together in a sound that borders between pop and movie score”.

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