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FRESH: ‘Magnetized’ – Lucas Hoang

Lucas Hoang releases “Magnetized”.

by Christopher Smith

“Magnetized” is the third precursor to the album “Shades Of Blue”, which Lucas Hoang releases in 2019. Text and sound join forces in this weighty pop song. “Magnetized’ is the sound of the chains that can tie up a person to someone else – for the good and for the bad” says Danish singer Lucas Hoang. “It can feel heavy, but it can also be a support to be tied to another person.” The ambiguity is reflected in heavy rhythms and sensitive vocals.

Over the years, Lucas Hoang has been inspired by input as diverse as the Vietnamese music tradition, the traditional Danish Songbook, Højskolesangbogen, and a long list of R’n’B, folk, soul and pop music. His upcoming album “Shades Of Blue” is a hybrid of several genres, and Lucas Hoang’s new single, “Magnetized”, is just one example of Lucas mastering the mix in a strong style.

“Magnetized” contains sensitive, vulnerable texts in a robust electronic sound universe. The track is about the loneliness you can feel – not as abandonment, but as the excitement that arises when you are drawn so much to someone else you cannot detach from, nor be with. “It’s about staying in the blue emotions. Enlarge them, feel them, and confront them until the blue notes no longer grasp you as a strong magnetic tension that otherwise draws you to the love that no longer exists. It’s about not being able to leave a place where you’ve never been. So you have to dive into the loneliness if you want to get away from it. Magnetized is the physical force that you on one side are drawn close to, and on the other side want to get away from” says Lucas.

”I’ve deliberately chosen to sing magnetized TO you,” he continues. ”I know that you’d normally say BY you, but I wanted to emphasize the feeling that you are actually chained to something or someone. That the magnetism can be so strong that you and someone else are intertwined and find it difficult to move away” The song is produced by Kristian Hegelund Martinsen. First single from “Shades Of Blue” was “Who’s Loving You?” which was released in 2017.

During the Summer, Lucas has been on tour across the country as backing-singer with the Danish artist Djämes Braun. He is also touring with the electronic vocal group Postyr, in which he is singer and songwriter. Postyr won in 2016 the American CARA Award for best European Album. Lucas released the album “Long Road Again” in 2015. He toured over Asia with the album, and ended in Nepal, where he donated the profits from merchandise sales and concerts to three children’s homes. The singles “Long Road Home”, “Homebound” and the duet “U Can Have It All” with Anna Bell have been playing on the National Danish Radio Stations DR P5 and P4.

In 2009, Lucas released the album “Start From Here”, with a band called TUAN. He is featured in various albums and has performed as backing singer for artists like – Besides Djämes Braun – Tina Dickow, Barbara Moleko and Agnes Obel. Other than these band, Lucas Hang has also been singing backing vocal for international bands, as SAVEUS, Nabiha, Mads Langer, Burhan G, Bobby McFerrin´, Josh Groban, page Four, TV-2, Jacob Dinesen and many more. Today Lucas is the vocal coach for a Danish artist named Skinz as well as lecturing on The Royal Danish Music Conservatory.

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