FRESH: ‘Heart Attack (We Move On)’ – Laurentii

Laurentii has a “Heart Attack (We Move On)”!

by Christopher Smith

The second single from Laurentii, “Heart Attack (We Move On)”, tells the tale of wistfully missing and then getting over a toxic ex. Sonically positioned in an almost alternate-timeline of disco, the track explores the feelings we feel as we remember relationships fondly and then begin to see the negativity that was once there.

Singer, songwriter, and performance artist Laurentii’s goal with each release is to study and utilize musical elements from past decades. Each track acts as a wormhole to the past and future, connecting modern pop with ‘prior pop’. “Heart Attack (We Move On)” is a funky, retro pop adventure, that perfectly sums his edict up.

Obsessed with music theory and history, Laurentii works to cultivate specific senses of nostalgia positioned within a modern pop context. Each release acts as an examination of nuanced emotions, thought processes, and musical memories; zeitgeists of fleeting moments. “Heart Attack (We Move On)” cultivates an alternate-disco universe, utilizing sounds and synths. With his debut release, “Motion”, Laurentii tells the story of finding the person/people/things in life that can push you to become better. With catchy musical hooks and fun sonic elements, “Motion” acts as the introductory taste-test to Laurentii’s unique sound.

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