FRESH: ‘Summer In The City’ – Sunbathers

Sunbathers LOVE “Summer In The City”!

by Christopher Smith

Sunbathers sear through the indie-pop rock sphere by pairing danceable melodies and raw lyrics with inimitable, soaring vocals. The band have just released their Summer anthem “Summer In The City”, a follow up to their recent EP “The Pool Party”, the second, more experimental installment in a pair of 2019 releases.

“Summer in the City” recalls a familiar Summer feeling…having too much fun and falling too hard in love. It’s about indulging in youthfulness and letting go of inhibitions – cherishing every moment of the summer season of your life, while also daydreaming about never having to lose the buzz of living deliciously. Featuring bright guitars, shimmery synths, and punchy drums, the song’s youthful energy and catchy chorus have made it a fan favorite live.

A remix of an early SoundCloud demo of the song has racked up 400,000 streams on Spotify alone. The band is excited to have the official finished version of the song out in the world. This single caps off the band’s string of releases this spring and summer (with EP’s “A Heat Wave” and “The Pool Party” released in March and June respectivly).

“The Pool Party” incorporates electronic and ambient soundscapes with samples, heavy synths, hybrid drums, and varied vocal effects. The EP explores the risks and rewards of letting your guard down for the opportunity to drown in desire, and all of the songs are tied together by similar threads of longing – a continuation of the lyrical narrative in the band’s previous release “A Heat Wave”.

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