Flortcha Flow

FRESH: ‘Crazy’ – Flortcha Flow

Flortcha Flow releases “Crazy”.

by Christopher Smith

Flortcha Flow is a young debuting artist based in South Florida. Flortcha was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and her music reflects her multi-cultural influences. She became infatuated with music from the moment she could speak, and her lyrical style has the ability to take you on your own emotional journey. Today, her music is influenced by Emeline Michel, Amy Winehouse, Etta James, Edith Lefel, and Sade. Flortcha made her debut earlier this year with the single “California”.

Her new single “Crazy” was inspired from a conversation she overheard of her boyfriend’s brother telling him that I’m ‘crazy’ and that he should end the relationship. He decided that Flortcha was too angry to address the situation at the time but then went home that day and wrote the single “Crazy” in its entirety. In 120 beats per minute, “Crazy” brings an undeniable afro-caribbean flare to complicated feelings such as anger and betrayal. The single doubles as a warning for those who dare test the wrath of a Haitian woman! “Crazy” brings a unique vibe while remaining authentic to the soul genre.

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