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FRESH: ‘We Are Pretty, We Are Porcelain’ – Kashmir Winter

Kashmir Winter releases “We Are Pretty, We Are Porcelain”.

by Christopher Smith

Kashmir Winter is a collaboration between junï and Edwin Raphael. Hailing from Manchester and Dubai respectively, the two Montreal-based artists have crafted a pantheon of songs that flutter delicately between the duo’s own unique sounds. They have just released their first collaborative single “We Are Pretty, We Are Porcelain”, which finds harmony in the duo’s differences on the guitar-driven R&B track.

Intertwining junï’s upbeat, infectious indie pop melodies with Edwin Raphael’s introspective soulful ballads, Kashmir Winter finds harmony in their differences and effectively curates a one- of-a-kind audio experience. Their eponymous debut EP is slated to be released by the end of 2019 with a tour anticipated shortly after. Stay tuned for more…!

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