Thalia Kabbani

FRESH: ‘Nothing But The Best’ – Thalia Kabbani

Thalia Kabbani debuts with “Nothing But The Best”.

by Christopher Smith

21 year old Tennessee pop artist Thalia Kabbani has just released her debut single “Nothing But The Best”. Thalia tells us she wrote the song in 2018 with the intent of it being a slow catchy jam sort of like Alicia Keys “No One”, but after sitting on it a bit she felt like the song had potential to be something bigger.

It is the first song Thalia had ever written and just wanted to release it. She feels like a weight has been lifted in a good way. Thalia have been so overwhelmed with the good responses and just want to get it out there to more and more people. The song is the perfect Summer song as it is catchy, fun, and puts you in a good mood.

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