Andreas Wijk

FRESH: ‘Solo’ – Andreas Wijk

Andreas Wijk goes “Solo”!

by Christopher Smith

The multi-talented, rising popstar Andreas Wijk returns with the new single “Solo”, where he encoruges to not settle for less the the best. The praised Swedish DIY artist and creator began his career posting covers on YouTube after an upbringing filled with music. The viral clips led to an empty promise of the American Dream, and a complicated deal that led to Andreas being stuck in a musical no-man’s-land for 7 years.

During this time, Andreas started building his brand and with his 170,000 followers on Instagram, the goal was always to one day release all the music that was constantly in the making. Last years longed debut led to a hyped summer tour around Sweden and Norway, and was followed up by the release of his debut album “Season 1”.

In June, Andreas released the chill and acoustic single “will You Be There When The Summer Ends?”. The new single “Solo” is more of an introspective tune that shines an optimistic light on not having to depend on somebody else. Just as the title of the song may reveal, it is about self-love and knowing your own worth.

“Solo’ came to me one day when reflecting about the value of self-love, and knowing your own worth. It all ended up in this song” says Andreas. The song is written and produced by Carl-Philip Ström, Kristian Velimirovic, Joel Malka as well as Wijk himself. Together they have combined the musical elements of urban, pop and trap – and turned it into a self-love anthem.

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