Michael Omar

FRESH: ‘Next To Me’ – Michael Omar

Michael Omar releases “Next To Me”.

by Christopher Smith

“Next To Me” is a soft rock song about winning someone’s heart. It’s about taking your moment in time to make something for yourself and the person you care about most. With smooth driving synths and guitar licks, this song fits well into the soft rock genre and is easily accessible to everyone to listen to. Whether you are taking a late night drive, or just spending a calm evening with your sweetheart, Michael Omar’s “Next To Me” is perfect to match the mood.

After graduation from Purdue University, 22 year old Michael Omar was diagnosed with a rare neurological disease (Vestibular Neuropathy), preventing him from living a typical lifestyle. Michael Omar was unable to work, drive, or leave the house for much other than visits to the doctor’s office. While ill and stuck in his room, Michael committed to creating something memorable with his time. As a musician in college, music was his natural inclination while sedentary.

After several weeks Michael was set on creating his own EP. Inspired by bands like Maroon 5, The 1975, Coldplay, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Panic at the Disco, Michael Omar worked to create a pop-rock sound that could engage wide audiences and bring people together. After the finalization of the EP “Hey You”, Michael released his album on platforms like Spotify and Itunes. Even after the release however, Michael Omar was still sick yet motivated to continue creating music. Michael persisted in writing and producing a full album of tracks. (some singles from the album have been released, such as “Fire In Me”, “What We Want” and “Not Over Yet”). The album entitled “Reasons Why You Can’t Sleep At Night” is set for release later this year.

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