Abby Robertson

FRESH: ‘You Should Know’ – Abby Robertson

Abby Robertson returns with “You Should Know”!

by Christopher Smith

As a gifted singer, songwriter, musician, and composer, twenty-year-old Abby Robertson regards music as the essence of life. She is an accomplished artist with a passion for creating and performing timeless songs with engaging imagery and lyrics. Her remarkable flair for storytelling blends with a heartfelt desire to embolden listeners to embrace a life well lived. Abby’s enthusiasm for music endures while appealing to a variety of age groups, experiences, and musical preferences. Above all, she seeks to serve as a voice of integrity and transformation for a youthful generation.

Abby’s original lyrics emerged from her own life experiences and the sincere belief that joy can shine regardless of adversity. The richness and purity of her voice radiates across flawless melodies. The effect is soulful, fanciful, and enchanting. Her repertoire includes songs such as “Looks Like Christmas,” “No Worries,” and “All I Want”. The stage serves as her second home. She has delighted crowds by performing at the Sonrise Music Festival, Risefest, Big Ticket, and Life Light Music Festival, and International Festivals in Israel, Malta and Africa. She has opened for successful and well-known artists representing Contemporary Christian, Country, and various other musical genres.

Abby has just released her brand new track “You Should Know”, her second new song of 2019 and the follow up to “Ghost”. “You Should Know” is a blend of superb R’n’B-electro vibes laced with Abby’s oh so sweet vocal with a wicked stop-start melody that will have you kicking back and kicking out with every play! Through her music, Abby’s success is growing stronger with every new release, with over 50,000 followers on Facebook and 12,000 on Instagram, she grows in stature as the months slip by. Abby will be playing a number of live dates across the US this Autumn to promote “You Should Know” as well as her other singles and you can book tickets from her website now!

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